Recovery Sunday/Monday Sign Up is Open

Recovery Sunday/Monday Sign Up is Open Come join us for a pre-race gear check and post race recovery sessions for this years Chicago Marathon!


We will be open:

Sunday October 8th 6:00am-5:00pm
Monday October 9th 7:00am-8:00pm


Sunday October 8th doors will be opening at 6:00am for all of your pre-race needs. With our gear check option, you will have access to indoor restrooms, pre-covery tools and a secure gear storage. To schedule, all you have to do is choose what time you plan on recovering and book Chicago Marathon Gear Check!


Already have pre-race plans, but still looking to recover post race? Schedule up a Single Day Recovery Session with the expected time you plan on coming in to recover.

Post race we will have refreshments and light snacks  available to help you get your recovery on!!  Our proven recovery protocol includes 30 minutes in our NormaTec Compression Boots, followed by a plunge in our 51 degree Cold Tub!  We also have all those love-to-hate self mobilization tools for rolling, stretching, and massaging those sore muscles!  Do your legs a favor,  and sign up now!


Access to our shower will be first come first serve for members and non-members!


Members Non-Members
Gear Check  $10 $35
Single Day Recovery Session FREE $25


We will be open Monday October 9th from 7am-8pm for all your recovery needs! Schedule up now to secure your spot!

For further information or inquires please email us here