Q&A with EPHS Cross Country Star: Kayley Burke

This Saturday Kayley Burke, a junior at Evergreen Park High School, will be competing at the State Finals in cross country down at Detweiller Park. Kayley has been coming to the Chicago Recovery Room- Oak Lawn all season to keep her legs fresh for practice, meets and the everyday life of a high school athlete. We wanted to learn more about Kayley’s experience running and what role recovery played in her making her way downstate, so we had her sit down with Courtney Dynes to answer a few questions.

Courtney: What got you into running?

Kayley: “I tried volleyball, softball, and soccer and I didn’t like any of the sports because I lacked the coordination, so I tried running in 7th grade. I really enjoyed running, so I stuck with it.”

Courtney:  It’s been a very successful season for you, as you have made a new school running record for the 3-mile (19:22) and you qualified to compete Downstate! How do you feel, mentally and physically, as you get ready to compete at state?

Kayley: “I’m really excited. It was my goal to go Downstate so I am very happy to have achieved my goal this year. I feel prepared mentally and physically, thanks to my coach, Eva Manzke, and Impact PT/Chicago Recovery Room!”

Courtney: Do you think being a member at the CRR has helped improve your performance and kept you performing as well as you have this season?

Kayley: “Yes definitely. Coming to the CRR has made an impact on my running because without it, I would be sore every week which would have probably lead to an injury. Rolling out with the vibrating foam roller, using the boots and cold tub, and having Courtney and Jack available for any of my questions has been very helpful.”

Courtney: What is your favorite exercise outside of running?

Kayley: “I like swimming a lot because it helps my body recover when I’m not running.”

Courtney: How often do you come to recover at the CRR?

Kayley: “I try to get in as much as I can; I come 2-3x/week”

Courtney: What is your favorite part of the CRR and why?

Kayley: “I really like the boots because they feel really good and they help my legs feel looser and fresher.”


We wish Kayley the best at the State Meet this weekend and will be ready to help her recover post race! Have a great race Kayley!



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