Do you have a chronic injury? Did you tweak something while running, lifting, or playing a sport? Need some advice on stretching or strengthening muscles? Have a certified athletic trainer perform an injury screening to determine your best course of treatment. We can recommend a referral to a local doctor, give you basic exercises to get you back on track, or schedule you for some tune up sessions to help eliminate the source of your pain! 

Our Injury Evaluations begin with a thorough history and review of your completed medical history questionnaire as well as your current symptoms, concerns and goals. Next, your clinician will perform a complete musculoskeletal exam as appropriate for your condition. This may include soft tissue palpation, range of motion, manual muscle and orthopedic special testing, functional movement testing, upper and lower quarter screening. Once your examination is complete, your clinician will provide you a detailed explanation of your condition and treatment options to get you headed in the right direction. If appropriate for your condition, a home exercise program will be reviewed at the clinic to ensure proper form.

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