Virtual Runner Rehab

Our Virtual Runners Rehab program draws on over 10 years of experience treating runners and is designed to supplement your marathon training by focusing on the most common strength, balance and mobility deficits that can lead to end of season training injuries. Our goal is to decrease the likelihood of injury with early and frequent implementation of the best exercises and stretches. If aches and pains do come up, you will have access to Recovery Room services at a discounted rate so you can come in sooner rather than later and get the treatment you need to keep you on track.

Core Integration

Whether you are looking for some guidance as you transition back into your fitness routine or trying to stay injury free and performing at your best, our new CORE Integration Class will help you reach your goals. Using the newest exercise tool designed for complete core training, the Pelvicore Pro® will help you maintain your core strength, enhance your pelvic floor function, and improve your overall mobility.

1 on 1 Transitional Fitness


Finished up with physical therapy, but want some guidance as you transition back into your regular fitness routine? Or, maybe you just need that accountability to continue the progression of your exercise program. With our 30 minute Fit Sessions we offer transitional fitness to help you get back to your regular exercise routine, stay on track with preventative exercises, and enhance overall performance.

Our transitional fitness sessions, are lead by highly trained rehabilitation professionals who are here to guide you in whatever your fitness goals may be!



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