Have an event coming up and looking for a wellness/recovery sponsor? The Chicago Recovery room has got you covered. Our mobile recovery team can come to your location and provide your athletes with muscle recovery pre, post and/or during the event. Below are the 3 recovery service options we can bring to you.

Mobile Recovery – We would bring 2-3 sets of our compression units (2 sets of legs, 1 set of hips, and 1 set of arms) and a little table for pamphlets and handouts. We will typically set folks up on 5 minute trials of the compression units and keep a constant flow of people into and out of the compression garments.

Mobile Recovery Lounge – We would bring out multiple 2-6 gravity chairs as well as multiple sets of arms, legs, and hip compression units. With this option athletes can spend more time in the compression garments and we will with being a variety of recovery tools for self massage.

Mobile Recovery Lounge Pro – With this option we will bring multiple compression units and gravity chairs and we can also bring one of our certified athletic trainers out and provide on site injury evaluations, Rock-taping and brief, 10 minute soft tissue sessions.

For further information or inquires about us coming out please email here